How Governments Change

Tech Open Air is an amazing event in Berlin that blends arts, technology, and culture into a beautiful, inspiring mix. I had an incredible time on my first visit to Berlin this July and was really blown away by the quality of the speakers, the vibe of the event, and the overall level of comfort […]

A Long, Deep Dive Into the Future

I love the chance to give a long form talk about the major trends shaping our future, then bringing this back home to imagine how cities and countries can engage with them to create a better world. Last May, 2017 I had the chance to go back to my home town of Denver, Colorado to […]

More detail on the Dubai Blockchain Strategy

I posted a short talk from March 2017 on the strategic background of the Dubai Blockchain Strategy. This is the first public presentation of the details of the Strategy, which commits the Government of Dubai to aggressively pursuing distributed systems on the blockchain as a fundamental component of its IT and governance infrastructure. Our partners […]

Background on the Dubai Blockchain Vision

One of the exciting initiatives we’ve been working on over the last few years has been the development of blockchain ecosystem in the UAE. This all started at a small conference in December, 2014, then lead through a series of meetings, councils and pilot projects to the launch of the Dubai Blockchain Strategy in October, […]

It’s been a long time

That moment when you look back at your old blog and realise that you haven’t written anything in since 2014. I’ll be uploading a few recent talks and events in the coming days just to kick start things again. In the mean time, we’re live again. More on the way soon.